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Margaret Gee's Media Guide

The number one resource for up-to-date media contacts across radio, print, TV, and online

Media Guide

Your easy 24-hour access to the Australian Media Industry

With over 30 years experience and a team of full time editors.

Find Journalists

Find journalists by name and publication 24/7

Access Information

Access to names, titles, emails, addresses, phone numbers, websites, circulation numbers, and much more

Information is up-to-date

All information is current and correct

  • Avoid your emails and press releases bouncing back
  • Get expert advice on the format of releases and what journalists want to see
  • Use easy template press releases and manage your own PR

Clients that use Margaret Gee’s Media Guide include

Margaret Gee's Clients

As well as many other smaller PR-related organisations & foundations

"Using Margaret Gee’s Media Guide will significantly save you time, and assist you in ensuring your contacts are up to date and accurate."

Jasmin Forsyth
Media Manager

Swimming Australia

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